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Today we will be talking about the different types of hair extensions. A question people often ask is: what is the difference between raw, virgin, human, and synthetic hair?

In the hair industry, there are different words used to identify different qualities and grades of hair. Raw hair, which we specialize in, is the purest quality of hair. It is literally hair that is cut from a donor in a ponytail and sewn into wefts. No processing that alters the state of the hair is applied. This type of hair, with proper care, is meant to last anywhere from a minimum of 2 to an average of 5 years and even more with the best care. As a result, it is typically the most expensive kind of hair on the market and is really an investment piece as you get the best cost per wear in comparison to other kinds of hair extensions.

Now, sometimes raw hair can be STEAM processed, which is how you're able to get very specific curls and uniform patterns in hair. We have opted not to sell steam processed raw hair as that can reduce the quality of the hair (a very minimal amount, it really is just heat), at least until our clients demand it.

Virgin hair is the next tier in hair quality. It is also typically called "human hair", and one of the most popular on the market. This is real hair that has been processed to re-align the cuticles and add shine and silkiness. It is typically from numerous donors and cheaper to buy as it is not made to last very long. Sometimes, virgin hair can also be mixed with synthetic fibres that look like hair to create the illusion of more hair in a bundle. But this type of hair will typically tangle after a couple washes and almost always sheds excessively. This hair can also be categorized into trade names like: Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, 10A, AAA, etc. These are all sale hooks organized by the sellers of said hair to attract buyers. It is still all virgin hair.  It is advised to do proper research before purchase to make sure you are not buying hair that has been mixed with synthetic fibres. 

Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is hair made from man-made plastics manufactured to look like human hair. This hair is typically the cheapest on the market and is not designed to last longer than a couple wears.

At Bella Hair, we sell raw Cambodian Hair that has been ethically sourced from real women in Cambodia. We do not process our hair, even with heat. We wash, condition, dry and send the hair to you in its most natural state. Our Cambodian Hair is also extremely low maintenance. We do not add any heavy products to our hair, so you will not need to as it can weigh down the hair and cause tangling. But if needed, a light serum might be added to increase shine. The hair already has a natural sheen and silkiness, it does not tangle, and our wefts have been sewn diligently so that the hair does not shed.

All this and much more are reasons why our hair boasts of being amongst the highest quality of hair in the market. When you trust us with your investment, we will always ensure you get a major return on your investment.

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